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I read a quote today that came up on my Instagram and it really spoke volumes to me

 “When you become the image of your own imagination, it's the most powerful thing you could ever do."- RuPaul.

I was so inspired by this quote and couldn’t help but feel to write a short blog on a couple of people and that have been highly motivating for me lately as a creative and starting a small business on their own. Hopefully I’m able put some people on to some creative helpful people that I've found that keep me going and to stay motivated. 

Lately I’ve taken a giant leap on pushing forward with my career goals of starting my own fashion styling business. And I had to make some pretty big decisions in the last month or so, but even in the short amount of time, I can see positive things that have been popping up and showing me signs that I have made the right decision to focus on my business full time. I also think this comes down to seeing myself in my imagination of who I want to be and just by keeping that vision in my mind strong, it has brought on so much determination and energy.

I'm always on the look out for inspiring women that are strong, creative, independent and daring. So I thought I'd share my two favourite girl boss inspirations.




Life Coach, Author and all round pink haired boss lady babe.

I first found out about Cara from a close friend of mine, that put me onto her podcast titled, “ Style your mind” which is all about encouraging women to celebrate themselves and making happiness a priority. I was instantly hooked! I listened to episode after episode, all while I was working each day at my desk at my old job, just dreaming away. I had a few moments at my desk where I would have tears in my eyes just from listening to Cara and realising that someone else out there thinks like me and made her dreams her reality. It’s truely inspiring. If you are one of those people that dreams of making a career out of your creative passion and sticking it to the man, then Cara is your girl! 

Just type in the Podcast app on your phone ‘ Style your mind’ or if you prefer reading her Self published book for ‘Style your Mind’  also available online 






Creator of Nasty Gal

Sophia Amoruso is the owner and creator of the online store called Nasty Gal. She is a self made millionaire and it all started with a small shop on eBay selling vintage clothing she found and re worked and sold online!  If you have Netflix, chances are you may have seen the show come up titled “ Girl Boss” this show was loosely based on Sophia’s story on starting Nasty Gal vintage...I know I binged watched the entire show in one day.  This show instantly inspired me start focusing on my goals and ideas for my business. It was like looking into a tv screen, and seeing myself in so many parts of her character, I could really could relate to her drive, passion and outlook on the world. The styling and the music of the show is also why I was so addicted. So many amazing vintage clothing pieces!  So if you are looking for a some visual stimulation and a career in fashion, give this show a watch! 





Caitlin Orlena  


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As a make-up addict and beauty product junkie, I'm always on the search for products that actually work without spending a million bucks. Most of us know that the key to good long lasting make-up is to always moisturize and to use a primer. Now there are so many different primers out there now, it can get overwhelming and can drain your bank account trying all of them.

It was just last year I kept seeing & hearing on Youtube about this Nivea Post Shave Balm ( sensitive)  for men, being used for as a primer.  I had my doubts. Until NYE 2016. I was watching Youtube make up videos, trying to decide what look I might want to try for the night and again this Nivea Post Shave Balm came up. I decided to quickly run down to Kmart and to purchase it. What the heck! for a small price of $10 what did I have to loose.

Now I was concerned I was going to smell like a man for the rest of the night but it does fades away. Now what about the main concern here... is this product really a miracle worker, like all these youtubers are saying on there videos?

The answer is YES!! This has to be one of the best primers I have used yet.

You only need a tiny portion maybe the size of a 10 cent piece and it covers your entire face, as mentioned before I chose the option for sensitive skin so there was no stinging or redness after use.

I stayed out till around 3 am on NYE and danced to some true 80's tunes all night, got quite sweaty, naturally... I received so many lovely compliments all night on how nice my make up looked. My make up was bulletproof with this primer backing me up all night!

It works! Nivea Post Shave Balm Sensitive for men works as a primer. For $10 from any Kmart, Priceline or any big supermarket chain eg Coles.

If anyone has tried this or does give it a try, let me know what you think or if you know any other good make up primers!






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This weekend I had a lot of down time which was great and I finally caught up to some movies I had on my Netflix list. I admit I was a little late to getting around to watching the Diana Vreeland documentary " Diana Vreeland The eye has to travel", despite my mum and grandpa telling me to watch this...needless to say I'm so glad I did!! For some who don't know Diana Vreeland was the fashion editor for Harpers Bazaar & Vogue and in later years a special consultant at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Some of my favorite quotes from the movie by Diana were " Exaggeration is my only reality" and " You don't have to be born beautiful to be wildly beautiful"...

I love any of these types of fashion documentaries such as 'September Issue', Iris Apfel documentary, 'Bill Cunningham New York'  and 'Advanced Style'. These women and men in these documentaries in my opinion have paved the way for style and fashion today. With their unique eye for detail and confidence to step out and create a statement.

In my opinion style isn't about just buying something because its on trend, or because everybody is wearing it, you have to really feel the clothes, feel how they sit and how they work with your body. Its like telling a story. I always felt that my love for style came from dressing up every afternoon as a child after school in my backyard, it was my escape. It was a few hours in my day where I could be a pretend to be different character and let my imagination run free with the use of costumes or my mums old clothes.  I still feel like that now. When I dress for a night out or a special occasion, I need to know within myself what my mood is that day, what is my story today that I want to express?. It is important to me. ( A few images below of my dress up back garden shenanigans)

 I still collect sunglasses...

I still collect sunglasses...

 Around 7 yrs old, just casual...haha

Around 7 yrs old, just casual...haha

In short, If anyone is looking for any inspiration for approaching fashion and style, watch this documentary, this woman is incredible.

' Diana Vreeland, The eye has to travel' - On Netflix.






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As a lot of my close friends and family will know, I'm a big fan of all things fashion,style and beauty.My bathroom looks like it could open its own beauty store, there are so many products in there for all things skin, hair, make up removal, make up products etc and the list goes on. 

But recently this weekend, I did my usual weekend face mask routine as I felt but skin was breaking out a little.  So I tried this face mask that I purchased at my local supermarket, ' Quick Fix Facial anti blemish face mask'... well it didn't exactly go down how I had expected..  there I was calmly watching a movie, then in the next 5 minutes something was not right and was definitely happening to my skin that didn't feel soothing. I had to quickly rush to the bathroom basin to wash it off,  as my skin felt like it was literally burning and I felt like I had a temperature.

I took some pictures of what had happened to my skin because of this face mask ( CAUTION: see below...its not pretty). On my neck you can see the comparison in skin tone. YIKES!  I rang my mum and freaked out to my boyfriend as I still do at the age of 27 and I asked them the usual questions? Am I going to die? is this permanent? and am I stuck like this forever?...the usual.


I survived...So the next morning my skin was so dry and just didn't feel like my normal skin,  I decided to make my own homemade face mask for the day, to not only put back some nourishment into my skin but also to do what I had originally set out to do the night before and stop my skin from breaking out. It was so simple and so cost effective, I think the entire ingredients would have cost me the same amount of money of the actual tube of the other face mask. 

For Dry dehydrated skin try this soothing Avocado, Honey and Yogurt mask.


 Click the image to see other great natural face mask recipes

Click the image to see other great natural face mask recipes

1/2 Ripe Avocado

1 tbsp Honey ( any honey will do I chose an organic honey)

1 tbsp of Plain Yogurt

 Mash Avocado until paste like, add in the honey and yogurt. Mix until a nice consistency and place in the fridge until chilled. Having a chilled face mask is good for the skin and to minimize large pores.

After using this mask, my skin was so dewy and soft and I could just feel the natural oils coming back into my skin from the avocado and honey, after having the life completely sucked out of it the night before. PHEW!




Monumental Glow

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For those that know me , know I have always been obsessed with all things glamour,make-up and beauty. Lately I've been really into learning different make-up techniques especially using different highlighters/illuminators.. trying to master the style of Strobing that is currently a massive trend in Make-up at the moment. Here are some of my favourite make up looks.