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This weekend I had a lot of down time which was great and I finally caught up to some movies I had on my Netflix list. I admit I was a little late to getting around to watching the Diana Vreeland documentary " Diana Vreeland The eye has to travel", despite my mum and grandpa telling me to watch this...needless to say I'm so glad I did!! For some who don't know Diana Vreeland was the fashion editor for Harpers Bazaar & Vogue and in later years a special consultant at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Some of my favorite quotes from the movie by Diana were " Exaggeration is my only reality" and " You don't have to be born beautiful to be wildly beautiful"...

I love any of these types of fashion documentaries such as 'September Issue', Iris Apfel documentary, 'Bill Cunningham New York'  and 'Advanced Style'. These women and men in these documentaries in my opinion have paved the way for style and fashion today. With their unique eye for detail and confidence to step out and create a statement.

In my opinion style isn't about just buying something because its on trend, or because everybody is wearing it, you have to really feel the clothes, feel how they sit and how they work with your body. Its like telling a story. I always felt that my love for style came from dressing up every afternoon as a child after school in my backyard, it was my escape. It was a few hours in my day where I could be a pretend to be different character and let my imagination run free with the use of costumes or my mums old clothes.  I still feel like that now. When I dress for a night out or a special occasion, I need to know within myself what my mood is that day, what is my story today that I want to express?. It is important to me. ( A few images below of my dress up back garden shenanigans)

 I still collect sunglasses...

I still collect sunglasses...

 Around 7 yrs old, just casual...haha

Around 7 yrs old, just casual...haha

In short, If anyone is looking for any inspiration for approaching fashion and style, watch this documentary, this woman is incredible.

' Diana Vreeland, The eye has to travel' - On Netflix.