Buried Treasure

caitlin nolan-jonesComment

One of my dreams and goals in life is to open a vintage clothing store. I've been collecting vintage clothing since i was about 14 yrs old. But dressing up as a child in my mums 70s & 80's clothes, shoes and hats was one of my favourite things to do after school. As an only child I played a lot of make believe games and creating characters for myself, with all these different clothes, it really let my imagination run free and I think that's really how I fell in love with fashion and styling, mixing and matching colour's and styles. It really comes so natural to me now. To own a store surrounded by these timeless pieces of clothing that all have a story and a past behind them, is so much more inspiring to me than going to a department store, where everything is all mass produced and fast fashion...  So here are some of my inspiration images if i owned a vintage store!!